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The Book on Better Roads was made possible by
The International Pavement Management Association's IPMA™ Academy.

Why Would We Give This
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  • 3 in-depth training videos on how high-performing pavement managers maintain their millions of dollars of roadways for less money and less carbon footprint with the Three Legged Stool™ System of pavement management
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Pavement Management Primer

ATTENTION: Engineers, Academic Researchers, Elected Officials, and Pavement Management Experts Everywhere Agree...

The Ever-Growing Pavement Deterioration PROBLEM Needs To Be Solved Now

That's Why We've Decided To Give Away The #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Book On Better Roads, For FREE.

I'm constantly reminded—as I am sure you are—that pavement management is a growing concern that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

I've invested over 20 years into teaching engineers, contractors, pavement managers, elected officials—anyone concerned about the deterioration of paved roads and surfaces—how to accomplish more with less.

Like many agencies, officials, engineers or pavement management specialists, you are facing a major problem…

You're Struggling To Accomplish A Massive Task With Limited Resources

You aren't exactly alone.

Agencies, governments, municipalities everywhere are struggling to manage a crippled and crumbling pavement infrastructure with limited funds.

Many agencies can't afford to hire consultants, to get new ideas, or to bring in experts who can help solve the pavement management problem.

Some city and county engineers we talk to are resorting to removing roads—pulverizing pavement to spare the massive maintenance costs that go into keeping them safe.

In Times Of Crisis, Help Shouldn't Be Expensive...

So We Partnered With The International Pavement Management Association's IPMA™ Academy To Give This Book Away For FREE!

If you are struggling as a contractor, consulting engineer, pavement manager, elected official—if you are anyone who is forced to be a part of the decision making process in this time of crisis, we want to help.

We've printed 1000 copies of my #1 Bestseller, The Book On Better Roads, and we are giving them away for free.

In this 400-page book, you'll learn how to implement the Three Legged Stool System™ of Pavement Management—a technique that I helped to develop over two decades of experience in the pavement management consulting field and teaching profession.

Two Decades Of Proven Research, Knowledge, And Practical Pavement
Management Experience In 400 Packed Pages Is Yours If You Act Now

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